I think Moira’s delivery of the Be Productive Top Tips seminar was excellent, easy to understand with great, practical examples. The course handouts are also very useful.
As a team we were motivated to make changes to how we work so we can be more productive. We will definitely agree on a mechanism to signal to colleagues when we are not to be disturbed as our office is very open planned and there are lots of distractions.

Liz Yeates, Marie Keating Foundation

I attended the 1 day course on Productivity with beproductive.ie at Fingal Local Enterprise Office. Thank you for a very productive, educational day. It was an excellent course, I am enjoying implementing the tips & advise. I very much appreciate the wealth of knowledge shared by  Moira and the participants on the course.


Lynda Coogan, Wine Tasting Ireland

After attending one of Moira’s talks on productivity I realised the value of what she does. Not only did Moira help our company with daily tasks and priorities but she also helped us manage our time.  She gave us time back! Thank you.

Sharon Wilde, Cruisefix.ie

Having attended Moira’s  Productivity Tips Seminar I was struck by the practicality of her wise words.

The very same day I adopted one of Moira methods to break down our day into a hierarchy of most important to least important tasks and then matched the most important tasks to our most productive hours. We simply identified that we were not at our best all day long so by adopting this approach we quickly realised we were getting a whole lot more from our days and crucially our most important tasks never got left behind.

Thanks for the insight Moira!

Nick Lawlor, New Beginnings Financial Services

Moira helped improve productivity by working with our Perm recruitment team.  Moira worked with the team to ID and address actions that they believed hampered productivity & challenged them to see what actions they could take. Moira’s training go the back focusing on results.

We are an SME and what we liked about Moira’s offering and approach was her research into understanding our blocks, and our goals. There was an excellent understanding of our business needs achieved by talking with management about challenges and outputs we wanted to achieve from her training sessions. She then developed approaches that would work best for us.

The level of skills and knowledge demonstrated by Moira was top class – she walks the walk, talks the talk and delivers the knowledge in way that engages people.

Moira’s follow up and feedback exceeded any level of post-training supports we have ever gotten from an independent training company and it was critical to bed down new actions and continue the agreed actions that had been set at the training time.

Cora Barnes, 3Q Recruitment