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With Microsoft Excel

For users of Microsoft Excel who wish to learn about advanced features to work more efficiently to produce reports and analysis of their data to be more efficient and save time. This hands-on workshop is designed to enhance existing Excel abilities and introduce time-saving tips on how to confidently tackle complex data analysis and reporting issues, advanced charting and how to master PivotTables.

For Advanced Excel it is really important to have a good understanding of the client’s data and their requirements for data analysis and reporting.  We build the training session around the client’s data, or a representative sample of the data as it is often confidential. This accelerates the clients learning and understanding of complex Excel topics as the logic is simpler and clearer to understand when the client knows the data.

We work with the clients to produce useful reports during the training.  This provides tangible examples of the new concepts covered during the training and also means the client can hit the ground running with their new knowledge and skills.


No matter which productivity training course you choose, we work closely with you to identify your objections and advise on how to improve the productivity of your business. Because no two businesses are alike, we take the time to understand exactly what makes your organisation tick and create innovative and easy to apply solutions on how to make things run smoother.