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Tips for Working in a Hybrid Model

Tips for Successful Hybrid Working

Pandemic restrictions are easing. Businesses are preparing to return to the office. Many employees have enjoyed the flexibility of working from home. So, it is likely that a “hybrid” working model will be the new way of working. In this article we present 3 tips for successful hybrid working.

Hybrid working is a mix between remote and office working. Ideally the model provides the best of both worlds. If successful, employees and employers can benefit from:

  • Flexibility working from home
  • Collaboration in the office

To make this happen, it is important to plan for the new way of working. In this webinar we present tips for successful hybrid working.


In this webinar we help teams plan ahead for hybrid working so that they can optimise their time, their productivity and work-life balance. Tips will provided on how to:

  1. Reset and reflect on learnings from lockdown
  2. Plan ahead to optimise time working in both locations
  3. Demonstrate performance and delivery within any role


The webinar can be delivered on Zoom, MS Teams or any other collaboration tool of your choice.

The interactive format includes:

  • Introductions and requirements
  • Presentation of Hybrid Working tips via SlideShare
  • Q and A session to answer specific questions

Participants will receive a copy of the material presented plus access to Hybrid Working and Productivity resources demonstrated during the session.


The session generally lasts 45 mins with 15 minutes for questions and answers. This timeframe can be adjusted to suit your requirements.


This webinar is delivered by Productivity Consultant & Speaker Moira Dunne.

To discuss further or make a booking contact Moira here or email [email protected]

To download a copy of this Webinar outline click here.

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