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Wellbeing Webinar Series

Work Smarter not Harder

A Productivity or Wellbeing talk can boost employee engagement, can help reduce individual stress and overwhelm and improve performance.

Many of our clients sign up for a series of talks which is a training option that helps an organisation implement real change.

Participants have time to reflect on different aspects of their productivity which helps them identify practical things to implement during the series.

Our 3-part series includes these talks:

  • How to Boost your Productivity in a Busy Role
  • How to Win Back Time by Managing Distractions
  • How to Spend Less Time on Email

This list of topics can be customised to suit your organisation’s interest and needs. Contact Moira for further options.

Scroll down to read an outline of each talk or click here for a downloadable outline of this series.


The series is delivered by Productivity & Wellbeing Consultant Moira Dunne, founder of

Duration & Format

Our talks can be delivered in house or remotely on the platform of your choice. The talks generally last 60 minutes and the interactive format includes 45 minutes slideshare, polls and exercises and 15 minutes Q and A.

Productivity Resources

We provide a range of resources to help people implement the tips they learn during the series.

Examples include the ‘Weekly Planner’ template and ‘Work Life Balance Tips’ card.


Contact Moira to discuss your needs or make a booking.

Fee Structure for 3-Part Series

Online Webinars

€1050 less Workplace Wellbeing Day discount 10% = €945

In-House Seminars

€1350 less Workplace Wellbeing Day discount 10% = €1215

No VAT applicable.

These fees include an online planning call in advance of the series.

We also offer a 6-part series. Contact Moira for more details. is a productivity consultancy with a mission to help people take control of their work lives so they can achieve more with less stress. Checkout the website for lots of great blogs and resources.

The Productivity Talk Series

How to Boost Your Productivity in a Busy Role

How to Win Back Time by Managing Distractions

Smart Email Management


We help Individuals boost their Productivity skills so they can:

  • Prioritise the important work
  • Stay focused to get more done
  • Feel satisfied with what they achieve

A boost in productivity increases wellbeing as people feel more in control of their time and achieve better work life balance.

We help Organisations remove barriers to productivity so employees can:

  • Use their time effectively and get things done
  • Enjoy a happier environment
  • Feel more engaged

By encouraging a continuous improvement mindset among all employees productivity, engagement and wellbeing is enhanced as day-to-day stresses are reduced or eliminated.

We help Managers enable their employees to be productive by:

  • Leading their teams to be productive
  • Scheduling the team workload effectively
  • Providing clarity and focus on job responsibilities and priorities

Managers play a key role in developing a culture of productivity and wellbeing in the organisation. We work with leaders at every level of the organisation to help them achieve this.

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