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At we work with teams and individuals to boost their productivity with seminars, training courses, workshops and long-term improvement programmes.

All our training courses have been updated to provide tips for working from home. Each course can be delivered remotely in a modular format to suit your needs.

Click here to read about the benefits of improved productivity for Individuals, Teams and Organisations.

Due to the corona virus restrictions most people are now working from home.

As many people are now working from home due to the Corona virus, we have developed a Covid-19 Toolkit with lots of resources and training options to help people be productive.

Our training options

How to Turn Busy into Productive

Be Productive Working from Home

Taking Control of Email

Team Productivity Workshop

Project Management Skills

Motivating Teams to Be Productive

Leading Teams Remotely

Giving Feedback for High Performance


We help Individuals boost their Productivity skills so that they can:

  • Prioritise the important work
  • Stay focused to get more done
  • Feel satisfied with what they achieve
We help Organisations foster productivity so that employees can:

  • Work in a happier environment
  • Deliver what is required
  • Feel more engaged
We help Managers:

  • Lead their teams to be productive
  • Schedule the team workload effectively
  • Provide clarity and focus on job responsibilities and weekly priorities

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