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Motivating Teams
to Be Productive

Programme Overview

Today’s work environment presents many new challenges including remote working. Everyone is busy but not a lot of people feel productive. Expectations within the workplace are higher than ever and deadlines are shorter. With mobile technology most employees feel they are permanently on-demand.

For managers it can be hard to motivate their teams to be productive. We examine the motivating factors and provide tips, techniques and solutions that can be implemented straight away.

Aimed At

This workshop is aimed at Team Leaders and Managers. This training programme can be customised for specific management teams to incorporate relevant areas of interest.

Training Objectives

The objective of the training session is to provide an overview of the key factors that affect productivity from 3 perspectives: 1) individual, 2) team and 3) organisational.

The course takes a look at:

Understanding today’s workforce

The barriers to Productivity in the workplace

How to motivate and lead working remotely

The managers role in removing those barriers

How to motivate teams to be productive

How to identify areas for improvement


This training session generally takes place over a half day.

Participants receive a transcript of the presentation slides plus access to Be Productive templates demonstrated.


No matter which productivity training course you choose, we work closely with you to identify your objections and advise on how to improve the productivity of your business. Because no two businesses are alike, we take the time to understand exactly what makes your organisation tick and create innovative and easy to apply solutions on how to make things run smoother.

Ready to get productive?

Our training courses are tailored to suit your organisation.