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At we help people turn their busy work lives into productive ones. Being productive helps people get more done with their time. And this gives them a greater sense of achievement about their working day. Each year Productivity Consultant Moira Dunne delivers a Webinar Workplace Wellbeing Day. This year our webinars focus on tips to boost productivity and wellbeing working from home.

Would you like to:

  1. Feel more in control of your day?
  2. Worry less about your work?
  3. Be able to switch off after work?

Moira Dunne is presenting a complimentary webinar at 8:30am on Friday Apr 30th. She will share tips until 9am and then take questions from the group until 9:15am. A copy of the Turn Busy into Productive tips card will be available for all attendees.

You can register here to attend the Webinar for Workplace Wellbeing Day. We are also running Corporate in-house webinars on Wellbeing. If would like to book a session, contact Moira to get a time slot.

You can read more about wellbeing in our recent blog which takes a look at How a Productive Culture helps Employee Wellbeing.

Moira Dunne