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Daily Commute can Be Wasted Time

It’s September and our traffic has reverted to “normal”. For most of us this means longer journey times and busier trains and buses. Our daily commute can really drain our energy and the time feels like wasted time. But is doesn’t have to be. With a little planning in advance and clever use of your smartphone or tablet, you can be productive on your daily commute.

The key is to find things to do that will fit into your commuting routine and then get yourself organised.

Top Tips To Be Productive

Take a look at our list of ideas. What can you build into your daily commute?

  1. Get your social media updates out of the way
  2. Listen to Podcasts that you have previously saved
  3. Listen to an audio book
  4. Read the supplements from the weekend newspapers
  5. Read articles you have saved using Apps like Pocket or Google Keep
  6. Learn a language using an App like Duolingo
  7. Listen to relaxing music
  8. Read an actual book
  9. Create your To Do list using a notebook or Apps like Evernote or Onenote
  10. Clear Your Inbox of anything trivial or extraneous
  11. Block out noise with music or an App like White Noise
  12. Brainstorm ideas for a project or plan
  13. Capture ideas using a dictation App like Speechnotes or iTalk recorder
  14. Do nothing and let your mind declutter

Plan Ahead

The trick is to manage your time and get organised in advance. Be proactive: get the right Apps on your phone, download your podcasts, save article content on your phone, pack the newspaper supplements into your bag and always carry a small notebook and pen. Ask colleagues and friends too for any ideas that work for them.

Remember that different activities may suit your mood on different days depending on the circumstances. Can you get good Wi-Fi? Do you have to stand? Do you have enough energy to focus on work?

Like all our productivity and time management tips at we recommend that you: 1) find what works best for you and 2) push yourself to try new things.

Best of luck – let us know how you get on.

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