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Productivity & Time Management Training Dublin Ireland is a Productivity & Time Management consultancy based in Dublin, Ireland. Our mission is to help people boost their productivity through training, coaching and seminars. We help people optimise their time, their plans and their output so they can get things done with less stress. This helps to maintain a good work-life balance.

Working from home, hybrid working and the return to the office are current topics featured in our courses available online as well as in-person Productivity Webinars.

In today’s world Time Management skills are not enough. We add Attention Management and Decision Management skills. Whether you are a CEO looking to increase employee engagement, a Team Leader looking to motivate your team, a HR Manager interested in Employee Wellness or a Business Owner looking to control your working week, you will find the answer here.

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"The Working From Home during Covid-19 Zoom Session was great. Simple, short, focused, good tips and well communicated. Thankfully no suggestions of group hugs and closing your eyes and thinking of waterfalls etc.!".

Michael GilmartinRole Skillnet Training Network

"We were delighted to welcome Moira to our team for a productivity learning session which was absolutely outstanding and has continued to give value week on week since her visit. The team absolutely loved her session and got so, so much from it and we are so appreciative of all those snippets of wisdom that she gave us".

Jamie WhiteLeading Social

"I got back to the office yesterday after the 1 Day "How To Turn Busy into Productive" course and started applying your learning. I spent time at the weekend reviewing your notes and working on the actions that would make me most effective so I was really focussed when I got to my desk. I cannot tell you the difference the training has made. It’s like night and day".

Karen DevineWhiteLight Consulting

"Moira, thanks so much for the course on Thursday! I got so much out of it! I've had the most productive day today and probably got more done today than I have in the past week by implementing some of your tips! Thanks so much again".

Paula CashenThe Quarter Life Coach

"The Wellness webinar provided tips to apply easily which can help us to identify what to challenge, and how to focus on the important stuff. The format was useful and punchy, exactly what we needed".

Mike MottramTaylor Wimpey Construction

"Having attended one of Moira'sProductivity seminars I was struck by her wise words. Moira identified that we were not at our best all day long so by adopting this approach we quickly realised we were getting a whole lot more from our days and crucially our most important tasks never got left behind".

Nick LawlorNew Beginnings Financial Services

"We are an SME and what we liked about Moira’s offering and approach was her research into understanding our blocks, our goals and approaches that would work best for our team and the manager of that team. Moira’s follow up and feedback exceeded any level of post-training supports we have ever gotten from an independent training company and it was critical to bed down new actions and continue the agreed actions that had been set at the training.The level of skills and knowledge demonstrated by Moira was top class – she walks the walk, talks the talk and delivers the knowledge..."

Cora Barnes3Q Recruitment

"Moira is able to put herself in the shoes of the SME Owner Managers and their industry. She understood all their their time issues and constraints and offered practical solutions that are easy to implement to increase productivity. Moira is very personable and easy to work with. I would highly recommend her. Her website, templates and promotional materials are excellent and she is very generous in sharing information".

Marion WalshePlato Business Development Programme

"We all found the Productivity Seminar very helpful, particularly the Email suggestions and setting aside a time slot to respond to Emails. Also sticking to the time limit and prioritising work. We all brought very useful tips from the seminar. It has inspired our team to be more organised and to focus on the important things. We meet more regularly now to discuss our weekly goals etc. We have learned to be more efficient when it comes to our workloads and staying focused".

Adam PriceORS Engineering

"The Time Management tips webinar delivered easy strategies to improve time management and productivity. What we liked about it was that the strategies are easy to implement when the efffort is put in by the individual".

Fergal BeaconMitchell McDermott Construction Consultancy

"The Productivity session delivered as part of the Reignite Programme was excellent. Moira was so knowledgeable in her field. She was so engaging and everyone on the call got so much from the session".

Bridget QuinlanTrainedIn

"Our group got quite a lot of value from the 'Working from Home' Tips session. It allowed us to focus on the challenges from Working from Home and how we might seek to overcome these challenges in a practical way e.g establishing a routine, Time Blocking vs Reaction Time".

Kieran McDonaldDublin Midlands Hospital Group, HSE

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