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The Sunshine Can Help You Be Productive

We are experiencing some fantastic weather this week in Ireland.  This is a photo I took earlier at my local beach. The weather forecasters promise it’s going to last for a few days but in Ireland we are always a bit reluctant to believe them. For those of you reading from overseas, I must explain that this type of day is quite rare. It could be followed by an entire summer of clouds and rain! But the sunshine can help you be productive.

Down Tools

So the temptation is to down tools, stop work and get outside to make the most of it. Hopefully some of you have the flexibility to do that but many won’t be able to take time off at short notice. But I bet you are already making plans to adjust your schedule so you can squeeze in some time to enjoy the sunshine. You may be getting up an hour earlier to take a walk on the beach, or starting earlier so you can finish early. Maybe you prefer to take a long lunch break and work later in the evening to allow for it.

Have a Clear Goal

But take a look at what’s happening.  Because you have a clear, tangible goal (i.e. get out into the sunshine) you much more focused and productive while you are in work.  Have you set a deadline? Are you getting through more work in a shorter space of time? How are you achieving this?

Here is what’s happening:

  1. You are not allowing yourselves be distracted easily
  2. You are clear about the real priority for the day
  3. You take control and don’t let others distract you

Actually, these 3 habits can help you be productive any day (i.e. when it’s lashing rain and there is no rush to get home!!). Set a goal, decide a plan to achieve it and really focus when working on it. The sunshine can help you be productive if don’t let other people or things distract you.

So what are you waiting for, stop reading articles online and get out into that sunshine!

As ever please share any of your ideas, tips or tools in the Comments below.

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