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We would like to announce an exciting new collaboration between and Empeal! Our founder Moira Dunne is a Health Sprint coach for Empeal Health, a leading well being company. Empeal works on the four well being pillars: nutrition, fitness, sleep and stress management. They deliver their corporate and individual wellness programs via an engaging and fun wellness app.

Each program is called a Health Sprint. This lasts for 4 weeks and is delivered by the wellness coaches. Moira will deliver the ‘Mind Fitness with Moira Dunne’ sprint. Other experts will coach on these fantastic topics:

  1. Wellness
  2. Immune Health
  3. Cooking
  4. Dressing for Success and
  5. Make Up tips

Mind Fitness with Moira Dunne

Mind fitness helps to relieve stress by taking control. And when your mind feels fit you can think more clearly and make better decisions. This helps you get important things done. As a result, you can feel more effective and productive. A calmer mind also helps planning and creativity.

Moira will provide Mind Fitness tips on the Empeal app. And she will present videos on how to: 1) get organised, 2) stay focused and boost productivity.

This Empeal wellness program in March 2021 is available to Network Ireland members. But if you are interested in using the Wellness app personally or within your organisation, contact us here.

Wellness, Productivity and You

So read more productivity and time management tips on our blog here. And if would like to book a Productivity and Time Management Webinar please contact Moira here. Or listen to some great productivity tips from Moira here. This podcast interview with Declan Collins was recorded in July 2020 during the pandemic.

Moira Dunne