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The Women’s Inspire Network was held in Harveys Point Hotel in Donegal on April 10th 2019. It was a jam-packed day of advice, stories and inspiration for women in business. You can read all about the event on Donegal Woman here. With around 180 attendees, 20 speakers and panellists, and almost 10,000 social media interactions, there was no shortage of sharing and networking – both in person and online. Our founder Moira Dunne was one of the speakers on the day.

She had key advice for business leaders to have less stress, more control and more productivity. “Value your time, it’s precious,” was Moira’s message, as she encouraged the audience to manage tasks and priorities wisely.

A stellar line up of speakers imparted personal stories and business tips to an engaged audience throughout the day. ‘Overcoming Challenges’ was the theme for the Donegal seminar for the online business group that connects and empowers female-led businesses.

Other Seminar topics include:

Top Tips to Be Productive

The Senior Managers Role in Enabling Productivity

Workplace Wellbeing Seminars

Finding Time to Think

How to Foster Creativity in the Workplace

Essential Tips for Managing Performance

Tips for Email Management

Tips for Meeting Management

So if you would like to boost productivity in your business Contact Moira to discuss a seminar, Coaching Session or Training Course. is a productivity consultancy based in Dublin.

We help individuals boost their productivity so that they can:

  • Feel less stressed at the end of the day
  • Get more done
  • Be happy about their contribution

We help organisations foster productivity so that employees can:

  • Work in a happier environment
  • Deliver what’s required
  • Feel more engaged
Moira Dunne

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