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Senior Managers
Role in Enabling

This seminar provides an overview of the Senior Managers role in enabling productivity .

What affects Employee Productivity?

Employee productivity can be improved with training on key skills such as Prioritising, Planning and Distraction Management. Productivity training helps individuals perform at their best and increase their output.

But for employees to sustain improvements an organisation needs to examine if it supports productive ways of working. Many organisational barriers to productivity can exist. Most of these barriers cannot be removed by individuals themselves. The changes required may require the support of senior management.

Barriers to Productivity

Examples of these barriers are:
1) Constantly shifting priorities,
2) Unclear expectations within roles,
3) Layers of sign-off
4) Poor communication and
5) Bad planning.

Many of these barriers can be removed with simple changes to existing processes and strong inclusive management.  Not only will productivity increase but employee engagement and wellness can too. A productive culture encourages everyone to perform at their best.

Managers at every level of the organisation play a key role in enabling this culture.

Seminar Topics

This seminar looks at the factors that enable a truly productive culture. A high-level overview is provided of the following topics:

The managers role in enabling the correct culture for productivity

Typical barriers to productivity within the workplace

Practical steps for managers to address barriers

The impact of improved productivity on employee engagement and wellness

Aimed At

This seminar is aimed at senior managers but will benefit managers at any level of the organisation.

Seminar Duration

The seminar lasts between 30 – 45 minutes depending on the event and time availability.

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