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This workshop inspires teams to develop their own Productivity solutions.

The content of this programme has been modified to reflect the fact that most times are currently working from home due to the Covid-19 restrictions. It can be delivered online using your preferred collaboration tool and preferred timings.

The initial workshop provides an overview of smart ways of working to boost Productivity.  The team identifies their targets for improvement over 30 days. Progress can be monitored with Productivity Consultant Moira Dunne throughout a 30 day period.

This workshop is ideal for teams working together in fast-paced environments.

 This programme can provide: 1) measurable improvements, 2) a culture of continuous improvement and 3) decrease employee frustration.

Learn about the principles and tools for working smarter and being productive.

Brainstorm where specific improvements can be made.

Make plans to remove barriers to Productivity.

Set targets to achieve during the 30 Day Challenge.

To learn more and discuss a workshop for your team call Moira on 086 8189719

BeProductive has experience with large private and public sector organisations as well as startups and small enterprises. Consult with us on your organisational change strategy. We can tailor our offering for the exact requirements of each business, each sector and company team dynamics.

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