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The week before a Christmas is the busiest week of the year. Not only are we preparing for time away from the office, it’s also year end.  And on top of that we have  all the Christmas celebrations and preparations. In contrast the first days back in January can be our least productive. We often feel tired and demotivated. It is hard to resume normal work pace. All the tasks  that were so clear in December  can seem very blurred by January. To help you this year we have written 3 Tips on how to manage time and Be Productive After Christmas.


So how can you take control and be productive after Christmas? The trick is to spend time planning the first days back in January before you finish up in December!  Manage your time. Prepare notes for up-coming meetings, capture key points for reports, make draft plans for projects due that first week back. Expect that you will  relax over Christmas and (temporarily) forget most of the knowledge in your head!


What is the best way to manage your time in your role and your environment? Some people like to ease back into things with a low key schedule but I find the opposite works best for me.  I arrange a couple of key meetings so that I have to get back into a productive mode. I don’t welcome this on my first morning back but by the end of the day I am glad.


Get started on your well-being as soon as you can. Visit the supermarket the day before you go back so you can set yourself up for a healthy eating week. If you exercise regularly try to start on your first day back. Make plans now to buddy up with a pal for some lunchtime walks that first week back.

If you can, reward yourself with a few early finishes.  Maintain some of the holiday buzz by doing something you really enjoy like a cinema trip, a treatment or a (healthy!) meal out.

So have a great Christmas and let me know if any of these time management tips work for you.  For general tips on being productive and managing time with Email or Planning, check our Articles page.

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