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The Productivity Challenge Voucher for Small Businesses is a National project open to all business sectors. This is an initiative of the Local Enterprise Offices nationwide. If you want to improve the efficiency of your business you can apply for a €2500 voucher. This voucher can then be used towards training or projects. Working with a Productivity Specialist to help you develop a more Productive, Efficient, Streamlined business.

Work with Moira Dunne, Productivity Consultant 

Moira Dunne is registered with Enterprise Ireland as a Productivity Specialist. is a productivity consultancy based in Dublin. The mission at is to add value by helping individuals, teams and organisations “Turn Busy into Productive”.

There are many ways we can help you with this Productivity Voucher Challenge. We provide Training, Team Workshops, Coaching and simple Process Improvement projects. Click here for more details.

Our Approach

We help small businesses boost their Productivity by focusing on the outcomes people achieve not just the tasks they get done.

For example, we help individuals boost their Performance Effectiveness & Productivity skills so that they can:

  • Prioritise the important work
  • Stay focused to get more done
  • Feel satisfied with what they achieve

We help organisations foster productivity so that employees can:

  • Work in a happier environment
  • Deliver what’s required and meet deadlines
  • Streamline processes and reduce wasted time

We help Managers:

  • Lead their teams to be productive
  • Schedule the team workload effectively
  • Provide clarity and focus on job responsibilities and weekly priorities

Find The Best Productivity Solution for Your Business

We provide a range of Training and Process Improvement options depending on the exact requirements of each business.

Contact [email protected] to discuss the best Training Course, Workshop or Improvement project for your business. To read more details about our options click here.

Apply Now for the Productivity Challenge Voucher for Small Businesses

Click here to apply now for the Productivity Challenge Voucher for Small Businesses.

Moira Dunne

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