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Being productive gives an individual the feeling of being in control, being on top of things. This can help reduce a lot of the daily workplace stress. It also helps people switch off and refresh out of hours. Employee well-being can be boosted by giving people the tools to achieve this. We deliver a range of Wellbeing Webinars, Seminars and Training Courses to help people achieve this.

The focus of our Wellbeing Webinars or Seminars in 2022 is on Work-Life Balance in a Hybrid World.  Here is a sample of other topics available too but please contact Moira to discuss any other ideas you may have:

  • Foster Creativity when Working Remotely
  • Manage Stress Working from Home
  • Spend less Time on Email
  • Stay Focused in a World of Distractions
  • Tips to Be Productive & Manage Time
  • Be Productive by Finding Time to Think and Plan

We help individuals boost their productivity so that they can:

  • Feel less stressed at the end of the day
  • Get more done
  • Be happy about their contribution

We help organisations foster productivity so that employees can:

  • Work in a happier environment
  • Deliver what’s required
  • Feel more engaged

Each year we partner with Ibec as they mark National Workplace Wellbeing Day. In 2022 this will take place on Friday Apr 29th. Be productive and sign up for our free event ‘Work-Life Balance in a Hybrid World’ and lots of other partners offers.

Moira Dunne

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