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After the distractions of summer, September is a chance to reset and refocus. There is a ‘back to school’ feeling as we settle into our work routines. It can feel like a mini–New Year as we vow to make changes or try new things. It doesn’t take long for business and work life to ramp back up and before we know it, we are back on that busy, busy treadmill. Our relaxed ‘summer vibe’ is soon eroded. Stress can kick in as we consider all the things we need to get done. In this article, we discuss how important it is to reset and refocus in September so you can stay calm and be productive.

Reset and Refocus in September

Tip 1: Reset your Mind

Firstly, it is important to reset your mind. By this I mean, taking stock, reviewing the year to date and then making some decisions or changes before proceeding into the busy months ahead.

Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • Have you made progress with your 2022 goals and resolutions?
  • What is going well that you should continue to do?
  • What has stopped you making progress?

Also assess your mindset and energy levels. Do you feel motivated and energised for the busy months ahead or do you feel exhausted? What is this telling you? Maybe you need to achieve a better work-life balance or find a more productive routine.

Consider September as a clean slate. Don’t dwell on the things you haven’t done. Use any frustration you feel as a motivator to reboot and be productive in the coming months.

Introducing something new can help your motivation. Consider a new layout in your office or new stationery for your desk to reset and refocus in September. Maybe a new course or simply a new weekly work routine.

Tip 2: Reset your Goals

Next review the goals you set at the start of 2022. Have new ones emerged since? Can others be removed as they are no longer relevant?

To help prioritise, project forward to the end of the year and ask yourself, “what will make this year a success?” What are the most important things to achieve for my business? What will make a difference between now and the end of December?

Be realistic because Autumn is always a busy time when it comes to service or product delivery. Will you have time for extra projects while delivering your core business tasks day-today? This helps you narrow the list of goals to prioritise the most valuable ones to deliver at this point in time.

Tip 3: Reset your Routine

Now you know your priorities. But how are you going to find time in your busy schedule to work on them? My tip is to take control of your time by implementing a weekly and daily planning routine. Look at your current approach and refresh it. Here are some key time management and planning tips:

  1. Each Friday afternoon take 10 to 15 minutes to look ahead at what is coming down the tracks.
  2. Anticipate issues and plan ahead for the important things. This helps you take control of your time and gives you a greater chance of switching over the weekend.
  3. Identify up to 3 key things to get done the following week. This can include some work on your goals or important operational tasks.
  4. Don’t leave it to chance. Proactively block time in your diary for this work. Label each time block with your target task.
  5. Protect this time as other requests arise, particularly new requests relating to less important work.
  6. If you need prioritise something new, make sure you reschedule the time block that week, so you don’t lose momentum.

This is ‘Time Blocking’, a productivity technique that allows you make progress with your planned work while still being available most of the day for your clients or colleagues.

Tweak these productivity tips to find what works best for you and your business and 2) stretch yourself so you can achieve more.

Reset & Refocus in September

To book a September Reset session for your team contact our Productivity Consultant Moira Dunne. We customise all our sessions to suit your exact requirements.

You can access lots of productivity articles on our website on Tips for Hybrid Working, Managing Email, Reducing Stress and Saying No.

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* “A goal without a plan is just a wish” is attributed to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a poet and hero fighter pilot in World War II.

Written by Productivity Consultant Moira Dunne, founder and director of

Moira Dunne