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Local Enterprise Week 2020 presented a workshop called Streamline Your Business for Profit as part of the Local Enterprise Week 2020.

It was a hugely successful week in Fingal LEO  for Local Enterprise Week in March 2020, with over 1,000 business owners/managers and aspiring entrepreneurs flocking to attend business seminars, enterprise awards, workshops, business clinics, networking and pitching events throughout Fingal.

Streamline Your Business For Profit

Moira Dunne presented a half day workshop which provided lots of practical tips for business owners on how to make improvements in their business activities. Each attendee worked through a Streamline Your Business for Profit Workbook to make an action plan of immediate changes. Quick Tips To Improve Productivity

Some of the changes identified may take time to achieve. But there are many practical changes an organisation can make quickly for very little cost.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Provide clarity around everyday roles and responsibilities
  2. Develop a productive approach to meetings to reduce time and improve follow up
  3. Use smart Email practices to reduce Email processing time
  4. Make sure everyone understands individual and team priorities
  5. Identify and eliminate distractions within the office.

Productivity within Your Organisation

Would you like to make changes to streamline your business? Below are links to some of our Productivity & Time Management Tips articles to get you started.

If you are interested in an initial discussion to make a plan for your business please contact Moira.

You can see details of our Wellness in Work Breakfast series here.


(1) Are Happy Workers More Productive?

(2) Be Productive by Eliminating Distractions

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Moira Dunne