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The week before we go on holiday is often the busiest week of the year. We become super-productive as we crack through our ‘To Do’ list to clear everything before we leave.

The hard deadline of that final day provides a sharp focus. This helps us stay on track and avoid the usual distractions. I bet you don’t take an extended coffee break on the afternoon before your holiday!

Let’s look at some key tips to optimise your last week before the holiday.

  1. Prioritise, Prioritise, Prioritise

Most people I know have more work to do than the time to do it. It is important to  prioritise every week, but particularly the week before you finish up.

Consider the work you have on and decide:

  • What is important (high priority) and what is nice to have (low priority)?
  • What needs to be done this week, what can be pushed out?
  • What can be handed over to someone else?

The looming deadline of a holiday helps us act more assertively. We can’t say yes to everything as we won’t be there to complete it. So, we negotiate priorities and deadlines because we have no choice.

  1. Capture Everything

In the final days before your holiday, you will be really on top of your workload. Capture everything now so that you get the benefit when you return. Update all your project plans and task lists.

This frees your brain to help you switch off quickly. It also helps you get back up to speed when you return refreshed and relaxed from your holiday.

  1. Plan the First Week Back

Capitalise on that high focus and plan the first days back in the office before you finish up. You may want to ease back into work with a low-key schedule or perhaps you want to hit the ground running with some key meetings.

Take control of your schedule now. Otherwise everyone else will do it while you are away! Have a great holiday.

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