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The Hybrid working model offers great flexibility for employees and employers. But it is a new way of working and will take time to settle down. In this short article, we share 6 tips to help people find balance working from home and plan to get the most from their days in the office. We all want the best of both worlds so plan ahead to achieve a good Work Life Balance in a Hybrid World.

Tip 1: Plan Ahead for Both Locations

Plan ahead to get the best of both worlds not the worst of both worlds. Using the Hybrid Working Weekly Planner available in our Resources section, you can do this on a regular basis.

Tip 2: Set Weekly Priorities

Having clear priorities each week helps you get things done and optimise your time. Again the Hybrid Working Weekly Planner promotes you to think about the key things you need to deliver each week. This helps you find time for important things during a busy week. It also helps you protect your time when lots of other requests arrive.

Tip 3: Have a Routine Working at Home

Aim to start and finish at the same time each day. This helps you kick start each day and helps you switch off in the evening. It also gives structure to your days working at home. It becomes an automatic habit after a while and that gives your brain one less decision to make each day.

Tip 4: Use a Shutdown Checklist

Make a list of things to do to complete your working day. This will help you clear work thoughts from your mind. It helps you separate your personal life from your work life. Here are some ideas for these routines but it is important to develop your own list with activities that suit you.

Shutdown Routine

  • Recap your To Do List
  • Plan for Tomorrow
  • Mute/Hide Devices
  • Use a Personal Browser in the evening

Tip 5: Reset During the Day

Our energy levels go through highs and lows throughout the day. Tune into this and take control of your day by taking a reset break when you need it. Even 60 seconds between activities can help to Reflect, Recharge and Reset from the next task or meeting. Capture your thoughts and actions from the previous task and then think through your outcome for the next task.

Tip 6: Review and Improve

This is a new way of working so it is important to review each week and ask yourself: 1) what is working and 2) what is not. Then think through what can be improved. What can you do differently next week to make it a more productive week? This can be done individually but it is also really useful to do this with your team colleagues to Team Leader.

At we have lots of productivity team workshops and webinars. Our Hybrid Working training is available as a short webinar or in-house seminar. We also have lots of longer training options to suit your requirements. If would like to discuss a session, contact our Productivity Consultant Moira Dunne.

For further tips on productivity, you can access the blog here.

Moira Dunne