Skip to main content is a Productivity and Wellbeing consultancy. We help people boost their productivity & wellness to achieve balance & get more done. Each year we deliver a series of events to mark National Workplace Wellbeing Day. This year we partner again with IBEC to deliver a webinar on how to achieve Work-Balance in a Hybrid World. Kick-start your Workplace Wellbeing Day 2022 with a free early morning webinar to hear Productivity Consultant Moira Dunne share tips on how to:

  • Make productive plans when splitting time between home and the office
  • Optimise your routine working from home
  • Get the most from your days in the office

The format includes 30 minutes tips share by Moira followed by a Q and A session where participants can get answers to their own questions. The Hybrid Working Weekly Planner template will also be available to access after the session.

Book your place on the webinar here

If you would like to hold your own Workplace Wellbeing Day 2022 event, Moira is available for online or in-house sessions. We have lots of different Wellbeing topics.  If would like to book a session, contact Moira Dunne.

Scroll down for our top tips on Being Productive working in a Hybrid World. You can access the full article on the blog here.

1) Tip 1 – Reset

This is a good time to reflect and reset. Due to the sudden onset of the pandemic in 2020, people adjusted quickly to home working. Hybrid working will involve permanent home working, albeit part-time. So, it is important to review the following:

  • Do I need a better routine working from home?
  • Can I optimise my workstation and equipment?
  • What distractions cause me to lose time and focus?

2) Tip 2 – Plan

To get the most benefit from hybrid working, consider how to split the work between home and office.  Tasks that require a high level of focus are more suited to a quiet home environment. Time in the office enables group work such as problem-solving, innovation or coaching. So make a weekly plan and consider what is the best focus for each day. You can access our Hybrid Weekly Planner from our Resources page.

3) Tip 3 – Deliver

Successful hybrid working is enabled when each person takes responsibility for delivering in their role. This will build trust in the model and ensure that it is retained. It can help any remove residual stigma about remote working. It helps shift assessment of performance away from presenteeism towards outcomes and achievements. Both employees and managers have a part to play.

Moira Dunne