Being productive in today’s busy world is a challenge, as many people split their time between different locations, in the hybrid model. This year I want to help you work smarter. I say ‘smarter’ because I know you are doing lots of good stuff already, when it comes to managing your time. But we all need some help and focus with our busy lives and ‘always on’ culture. So this ‘Work Smart in 2023’ series is my way of giving something back to all of you who have supported me over the past 5 years, since I started

Work Smart in 2023

One of the key goals I set for myself this year was to run a free monthly webinar on smart working. I want to listen to your productivity challenges and give specific tips in these interactive sessions. So when you register each month on Eventbrite, you can submit any questions or concerns on your mind.

The January session booked out and the momentum and interest continued into February.

You Pick the Webinar Theme

Each month I ask the attendees to nominate a theme for the next webinar. ‘Managing your Stakeholders is the current front runner for March, but I run regular polls on LinkedIn and other social channels so you can vote there.

January Webinar

The theme in January was ‘Reset and Refocus Tips’ when I shared some insights on how to:

1) Reset and Refocus for a productive year ahead

2) Make realistic plans that fit your work schedule

3) Stay focused when things get really busy

February Webinar

The theme in February was ‘How to Improve your Work Life Balance’ when I shared some insights on how to:

1) Tune into where your time goes

2) Assess what you can adjust in your weekly plan

3) Develop boundaries and a routine that works for you

March Webinar

Here is the link to book on the March webinar.

Book Now – March ‘Work Smart’ Webinar

Productivity Training and Resources

You can access lots of productivity articles on our website on a range of topics including Tips for Hybrid Working, Managing Email, Reducing Stress, Wellbeing and Saying No.

We work with individuals and companies to help people develop productive working routines, through our Productivity Workshops, Webinars and Seminars. If you want to develop new skills in your own time you can bookon my Signature Productivity Programme  – an online self-paced course called ‘Turn Busy into Productive’.

To discuss any of these options, contact our Productivity Consultant Moira Dunne here.

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